Svalbard expedition by superyacht

Freedom and adventure in one of Europe’s purest landscapes

Halfway between Norway and the North Pole, we explored the untouched wilderness of Svalbard.

It all began with a hunger for something different.

Svalbard, Norway

78°13' N 15°37' E

Our client was tired of sailing their yacht to the same destinations. The same places as everyone else. It was time for change. Time to venture somewhere more unusual and undertake an Arctic adventure aboard their very own superyacht.

After extensive research and really getting to know our client, we were able to create an itinerary truly shaped by our client’s interests and passions. From that initial conversation to delving into the smallest detail for our curated brochure, we knew that this would become a remarkable yachting expedition.

Wildlife. Discovery. And an unprecedented touch of luxury.

In search of wildlife – With the help of expert naturalist guides, we were able to view iconic wildlife such as walrus and whales without disturbing them. A true insight into survival in this incredible landscape.

Exploration meets elegance – To some, sailing a superyacht in this part of the world isn’t an option. But with an icebreaker leading the way, we were able to open up a channel for our vessel to pass through.

Lunch with a view – We know that some surprises stay with you forever. It’s why we set up a secluded meal within the seemingly boundless plains of Svalbard. Fine wine and fur throws and an endless view made this an indelible memory.

Unseen Svalbard – Our clients were also given exclusive access to the area’s scientific outposts, giving them a rare insight into the day-to-day lives of the scientists whose mission it is to protect Svalbard’s ecosystem.

Every single factor within this adventure was meticulously designed with one goal in mind. To give our client an encounter incomparable to anything they had experienced before.

If you’ve been inspired by Svalbard, contact our expert team today. Who knows where it will take you?

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