Galápagos by yacht: a conservation journey

The definitive Galápagos experience

While organising the most ambitious multi-yacht trips in the Galápagos, we’ve established a close working relationship with the national park, with our clients supporting and gaining unique access to the region’s vital conservation projects.

They’ve witnessed the behind the scenes of hammerhead monitoring and giant tortoise geotagging, while using helis to relocate endangered species and gain epic aerial views.

Of course, it’s all tailored to our guests, whether that’s wanting to hike onto lava fields among basking iguanas with a top conservationist or swim with penguins as a family, documented by our media team.

And, we have the best access to private yachts, bringing a slice of luxury while travelling in serene seclusion.

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The passengers on those helicopters had an up-close view of molten lava as it crept down the volcano’s southeastern flank… at some points, lava was being thrown up to 200 feet in the air… In the days after those helicopter flights, Cookson Adventures arranged to fly Gustavo Miranda, Ecuador’s environment minister, into the area so that he could assess the risk to biodiversity

February 2022

Having evolved in isolation without humans for millennia, not only is the wildlife of the Galápagos unprecedentedly diverse, but it’s often wonderfully friendly. This means a natural inquisitiveness, with the likes of sea lions playing with travellers as they swim.

Of course, with our expert rangers, you’ll enjoy unique wildlife experiences throughout. That could be kayaking alongside marine iguanas, hiking among lava lizards or scuba diving with giant rays. We know all the best spots and, with your private yacht and our logistics, you’ll discover it all in blissful seclusion.

Throughout, we can see you witness the conversation of these unique islands up close. Our clients have learned from top conservationists, seeing how geotags are applied to giant tortoises and shark nurseries are monitored, before getting an insider’s look at heli relocations. With no helicopters stationed permanently in the national park, we’ve brought them in for this exact use. That also means genuinely unprecedented aerial views for our clients, soaring over islands, volcanic caldera and even – on our last trip – great eruptions, as documented in the New York Times.

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