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Pioneering genuinely new experiences

Whether discovering unknown Roman shipwrecks by submersible or organising the most complex Antarctic yacht expeditions of the modern era, we continue to pioneer the concept of world firsts in travel.

It’s why record-breaking polar explorer Henry Cookson founded the company back in 2009 – to deliver something new that makes a difference. And, having rehomed giant tortoises by heli and discovered a new species of orca, conservation is at the heart of all that we do.

Everything is hyper-personalised to you, built from the ground up with military-grade precision by a team of in-house experts, from ex-British Army captains to global event planners.  We also draw on a network of contacts that spans the likes of marine biologists and event magicians.

We only work on a small volume of projects each year, which means we can dedicate unrivalled attention and resources to every trip.

We create stories that are talked about

Henry Cookson

Henry Cookson

Founder & Chairman

After a past life guiding horseback safaris in Kenya, Henry’s start in polar exploration began in 2005, winning the Polar Challenge race to the Magnetic North Pole.

Since then, he’s set a world record as part of the very first team to reach the South Pole of Inaccessibility without mechanical means and gone on to guide the Walking With The Wounded charity expedition to the North Pole with HRH Prince Harry.

It’s these expeditions that served as inspiration in founding Cookson Adventures, bringing the same standards of ground-breaking excellence to the world of private travel. That’s whether working with remote tribes in Africa or organising Alaska’s most complex charter operations.

Together with his hand-picked team, not only does he guide and host many of our adventures, but he is consistently sought to speak with authority on the cutting edge of global travel and expeditions.

And, through his work, several million in donations has been raised for charitable causes.

A few of the team

Our in-house experts build all of our adventures from the ground up, drawing on a global network of contacts – from biologists and conservationists to archaeologists.

How it works

1. Enquiry

From global event planners to submersible specialists, our in-house team of experts make authoritative recommendations and facilitate your interests from the first conversation

2. Planning stage

After identifying a project together, an initial deposit lets us mobilise the resources for a dedicated project manager and the consultation of world-leading authorities to conceptualise your perfect trip with you

3. Recce and detailing

Dance floors in the African bush, desert-island access and world-first wildlife encounters – on-the-ground reccees and the engagement of global or local bodies let us fine-tune truly unique experiences, all tailored to you

4. On-trip

Backed by our full support team in London, on-the-ground Cookson experts and specialist guides will guarantee the seamless delivery of your project, able to adapt on the fly to your preferences, often with gear and even literature custom-made for you

5. Post-trip

Whether enjoying the video put together by our on-trip media team, a personalised report that informs global conservational bodies or simply receiving updates on the whale shark you tagged, we ensure that you form memories that last a lifetime

Footage shot entirely on our adventures

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