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Adventure and luxury. We believe you can have both.

Since 2009, we’ve dared to be different, exploring the unknown to provide our clients with irreplaceable memories. Anyone can travel, but not everyone knows how to explore. It’s why Henry founded Cookson Adventures – to elevate adventure and deliver something new.

Whether it’s reaching the summit of an unconquered mountain or diving to shipwrecks in the world’s most advanced submersibles, we design adventures limited only by the bounds of imagination.

From rehoming giant tortoises in the Galápagos Islands to being the first outsider initiated into a remote Papua New Guinea tribe, we know that incomparable experiences stay with you for a lifetime.

Our team will help you discover an adventure created just for you, from our first conversation to the first day of your journey.

How we do it

Starting the conversation

Our travel specialists will speak to you face-to-face or over the phone. Likes and dislikes, passions and interests, we want to know it all.

Every detail matters

Using our extensive network of experts, we continue to see how we can make your journey unforgettable, tailoring and refining right up until the moment you leave.

Curated journal

This is your adventure, and it is unique, mapped out in meticulous detail. Explore the detail of your journey on the pages of a beautifully designed and personalised journal before you embark.

Gathering memories

With the help of an on-the-ground or an over-the-phone travel manager we can help you capture life-long memories. World-class photographers and videographers can help you document unspoilt vistas, spectacular wildlife and adrenalin-fuelled adventures.

Meet our travel specialists

Henry Cookson

Over ten years, Henry has created innovative new services in the luxury travel industry, bringing the first private submersible to Antarctica, working with remote tribes in Asia and Africa, and personally curating and hosting many of the adventures.

Henry founded Cookson Adventures in 2009. His passion for exploration reached new levels in 2004 as he prepared for the Polar Challenge and then the Pole of Inaccessibility, for which he holds a world record.

He has lived and trained in Alaska and the Yukon, worked on a riding safari in the Kenyan bush, been a jackeroo on a remote sheep station in Australia and spent many summers hosting villa holidays in Greece.

Henry is dedicated to wildlife and conservation and through his work with the company has arranged over $1m in donations to a number of wildlife charities.

Nick Davies

Nick Davies is responsible for overseeing a team of experienced project managers and for driving the international growth of Cookson Adventures. He has an impressive background in the luxury travel sector, with his experience spanning over a decade.

In his previous role as Travel Director, he oversaw a team of travel consultants, tasked with organising the personal travel arrangements and concierge services for the company’s private jet clients. Prior to this, he was the General Manager of a luxury travel company’s London offices.

Nick is an avid traveller, priding himself on having visited 60 countries, his passion for travel inspiring him to continue to explore new and exciting destinations and would love to visit Gabon to see its gorillas.

Tom Hutton

Before joining our team, Tom served in the British Army. Over a seven year career, he led soldiers through multiple combat tours, including Afghanistan where he overcame complex leadership and logistical challenges. He now applies those skills to his role as Director of Operations at Cookson Adventures, where he’s overseen and hosted multi-yacht expeditions to many corners of the world, such as the remote fjords of Patagonia and arguably the most complex private Antarctic expeditions of modern times.

He has been at the forefront of pushing the company’s boundaries and its engagement with national and local authorities, working to gain access to some of the least visited locations on earth for our guests. With a thirst for world-first adventure, Tom would love to host yacht expeditions to South Pacific Islands exploring where few others have.

Neal Bateman

As Cookson’s Head of Yacht Projects, Neal’s years as both a broker and crew member mean he’s able to create inspiring waterborne adventures and advise on the perfect yacht to charter. Growing up, he spent many summers exploring the bush in his homeland South Africa. It instilled in him a deep appreciation for the great outdoors and wildlife, which has since seen him visit over 47 countries - a number that keeps on growing. One of his favourite adventures included scuba diving with tiger sharks in the Bahamas.

Harry Rowe-Pereira

Harry spent his childhood growing up in far-off lands, learning from a variety of different cultures. From hanging out with surfers in Bali to walking in the foothills of the Himalayas with Gurkhas in Nepal, it was clear from an early age that he had a passion for travel, to discover and explore.

Since then, his curiosity for the world has taken him further afield with a penchant for the unexplored. Even as a child travelling with his parents, they rarely stayed on the tourist trail and this has recently become more of an obsession for him having visited places like Oman, Albania, Georgia and Kazakhstan; going into the unknown, experiencing things and seeing places that others may have not done before.

Having been fortunate enough to experience many of the world’s inspiring destinations first-hand, he’s in a great position as Cookson Adventure’s Head of Private Clients to help our guests access some of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Kerry Dunlop

Raised in Africa, Kerry grew up acquiring survival skills, riding horseback, and camping under the stars in the wild stretches of South Africa and Malawi. She has explored over 37 countries: forever chasing her next adrenaline rush with activities such as rock climbing, bouldering, sky diving and bungee jumping.

Her career has been just as adventurous. Over 20 years' experience project managing events, she has delivered highly imaginative launch campaigns, celebratory dinners and corporate conferences in locations such as Japan, India, and Israel.

Kerry will continue exploring as many natural wonders, monuments and ley lines the world has to offer, from a Cookson Adventures point of view.

Anna Kan

Raised in the Russian Arctic, Anna has always had an affinity to wildernesses. Once surrounded by polar bears and the Northern Lights, she’s built-up vast experience in leading and planning private experiences in remote territories such as her childhood home.
She thinks outside of the box. Her hunger to explore has seen her design unique luxury camps in the middle of the Siberian taiga and Atacama deserts, and spend time trekking with rhinos in South Africa, and climbing the Himalayas.
For Anna, there’s nothing more rewarding than bonding with locals and supporting small communities through her adventures. Her next dream trip would be watching the narwhal migration in Arctic Canada.

Tim Burton

For Tim, heading to the Arctic for the first time at 18 years old sparked a lifelong passion for cold places.

His early polar career involved ski expeditions to Greenland and Spitsbergen whilst working as a Geography Teacher in the UK. He quickly became distracted and left teaching to pursue a career in the expedition world and went on to work in remote operations for the British Antarctic Survey, US Antarctic Program and the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust.

He loves ski mountaineering in remote places and would savour the opportunity of visiting one of our next level destinations, but would also never pass up a chance to return to his beloved Antarctica.

James Kenworthy

A former British Army Captain, James’ experience includes roles as an Iraqi Police Mentor, Reconnaissance and Operations Officer and completing tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s a qualified Advanced PADI diver and combines physical challenges with travel where he can. This includes running the Marathon du Medoc in France and achieving both a Guinness World Record and world first in rowing 3300 miles in a team of six across the Atlantic from Morocco to Barbados, raising money for Help For Heroes.

William Siddeley

From swimming with whale sharks in Mozambique to white-water rafting in Colorado, Will enjoys active adventures. His travels have taken him skydiving and mountain biking, to life in the Amazon where he lived amongst shamans. He has lived in South Africa and has tested his survival skills on a remote nature reserve.

Will has worked as a luxury travel specialist since graduation and also for Bear Grylls Ltd. planning large corporate team building events. His most recent research trip to Nicaragua saw him scale volcanoes, dive in lagoons, visit eco lodges to help us plan future Cookson adventures.

Of the many remarkable CA itineraries, Will would relish the chance to explore Papua New Guinea’s remote jungle.

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