Ground-breaking experiences

From being the first to pilot private submersibles in Antarctica to discovering a Roman shipwreck and a new subspecies of orca, we know a thing or two about getting ahead of the curve.

And although our founder Henry has a few polar expeditions under his belt, we’ve pioneered this concept in the world of UHNW travel. That could be using bespoke camps or explorer yachts to facilitate these ground-breaking adventures in style.

This is the foundation of Cookson Adventures – applying the same standards of expedition excellence and innovation to the world of private travel.

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Henry Cookson set up a company that specialises in bespoke journeys — but to the ends of the earth where few, if any, humans have been before

January, 2018

A sample of our past adventures

First private subs in Antarctica

Antarctic yacht charter

Back in 2012, we organised the first private submersible trip to Antarctica. With a leading superyacht as the ultra-luxury base, our clients took in the white continent’s otherworldly landscapes and wildlife with twin helis before becoming the first private individuals to explore beneath the waves. Diving deeper than traditional Scuba in waters never seen before, there’s the chance of spotting everything from eerie Antarctic jellyfish to diving whales, seals and penguins. Working with global authorities and leading submersible operators, guests explored in comfort in the company of marine biologists to bring it all to life.

Leading conservation

Around the world

Although it’s so immaterial to the cause that we wouldn’t use the phrase “world first”, we’re immensely proud of our pioneering work in conservation as part of our clients’ trips. For example, in 2022 we organised a large-scale rhino translocation in central Kenya. Not only was this able to potentially save the lives of 14 endangered individuals, but our guests were able to get involved – serving as inspiration for their thought leadership event. Then, in the Galápagos we’ve rehomed giant tortoises, using helicopters to help the national park combat the remote and difficult island topography. So, wherever we are, we ensure that our clients enjoy special access to conservation projects that make a genuine impact.

Pioneering bespoke camps

In every environment

For many of our projects in remote places, a bespoke camp is the only way to facilitate a genuinely immersive experience – bringing a taste of luxury to a truly stunning setting. And, in many of these places, we were the first to set up a luxury tented camp there. For example, in 2023 we were the first to bring aurora domes to Iceland’s frozen Fjallsárlón lagoon, shipping them in from Scandinavia. Set up underneath a towering glacier, our private clients were treated to stunning displays of the northern lights. Then, back in 2015, we were among the first to bring clients to Vietnam’s newly discovered Son Doong – the world’s largest cave. Here, we were the first to bring in a luxury camp solution, opening up its hidden chambers to our guests.

Discovery of new subspecies of orca

Antarctic yacht charter

In 2019, we organised for a research vessel and scientific team to travel alongside our client’s Antarctic twin yacht charter. Not only were our guests able to learn from the marine biologists, but they also contributed to their mission – resulting in gaining the first sample of what’s understood to be a new subspecies of orca. This will likely be the last large mammal to be discovered. It was all put together against an epic family Antarctic yacht adventure, with twin heli and sub operations showcasing the continent’s spectacular wildlife and landscapes.

Discovery of a Roman shipwreck

Yacht & submersible trip in the Med

As part of a client’s Italian yacht trip, we brought in a coalition of marine scientists and archaeologists from regional universities, working with local officials to secure special permits to explore beyond the reaches of traditional diving. On one of these submersible dives, we were able to identify a Roman cargo ship carrying a number of ancient amphorae. Not only did this form part of a unique experience for our client, but they had special access to this site and the experts to bring it all to life. Back above the waves, we put together a full superyacht itinerary for the client’s family, from watching volcanic eruptions from the deck to gladiator training staged with top actors in a privatised Roman amphitheatre.

First to reach Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility by foot

Polar expedition

On 19th January 2007 after 48 days and 1,100 miles of kite skiing, Henry Cookson and Team N2i arrived at the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility – the furthest point in Antarctica from the ocean. They were the first to arrive here without the use of mechanical assistance and, in doing so, rediscovered a bust of Lenin delivered there in 1958 by a Soviet expedition – travelling by Antarctic tractor convoy. Henry’s journey served as inspiration for the founding of Cookson Adventures. Its core of values of expedition excellence and innovation stand true to this day.

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