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Whether it’s a family discovering a new species of orca alongside their superyacht adventure or gaining access to off-market private islands for epic celebrations and thought leadership events, we have a genuine track record where others don’t.

All this is made possible by our network of global authorities and team of in-house experts, from helicopter pilots to ex-British Army captains.

And, we have the photos to prove it.

Memories that last a lifetime,
experiences that leave no trace

We count some of the world’s most discerning individuals and groups among our clients. So, everything is built from the ground up, designed around you.

For some, that might mean creating a luxury glacier camp under the Northern Lights from scratch, while for others that might be building a round-the-world journey spanning life-changing wellness and behind-the-scenes conservation experiences.

Whatever it is, you can be sure it will be designed flawlessly.

We create stories that are talked about

I came to think of Cookson as a billionaire’s dreamcatcher

The Financial Times, June 2023

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