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Since running the first private submersible dives in Antarctica back in 2012, we’ve gone on to pioneer new sub experiences across the planet. That includes discovering a Roman shipwreck, running world-first shark dives in the Pacific and using first-of-its-kind 3D mapping to establish new scientific data and identify new dive sites.

However, that’s not to say that this is the preserve of hardy explorers. Although you’ll be going beyond traditional dive depths, you’ll be travelling in comfort with no training or decompression required, with the sub prepositioned as you enjoy the comforts of your yacht.

And, you’ll be taking in storied wrecks or great aggregations of marine life in the company of our expert marine biologists and historians, able to discuss the excitement with your family and friends. Of course, we’re also no stranger to Scuba dives as well, from tagging whale sharks with conservationists to swimming with playful dolphins.

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Exploring the world in a private submersible is as close as possible to travelling to another planet. Today’s technologies allow guests of all ages to spend unique moments under the ocean’s surface and have a real opportunity to discover what no human has ever seen before.

Henry Cookson in BOAT International, April 2022

A sample of our favourite locations

The Pacific

From Fiji to French Polynesia

The Pacific offers a desert-island-hopping paradise. But, alongside taking part in tribal cultures, epic beach setups and turtle-tagging conservation journeys, we’ve seen clients examine everything from the Solomon Islands’ WWII destroyers to Fiji’s schooling manta rays and French Polynesia’s giant shark aggregations. Our 3D mapping here has facilitated world-first dives and created new data for scientists and local tribes alike, seeing for the first time the depths of the lagoon they’ve called home for centuries.

The Mediterranean

Excitement within touching distance

The Med enjoys a unique blend of wonderful accessibility and diverse submersible opportunities. There are sunken planes beyond the limits of normal diving that tell the world-war story of some of history’s pivotal moments. And, as we found in 2019, Roman shipwrecks to discover and coral thought to be regionally extinct. Then, back above water, there’s all the classic yachting fineries, alongside the Cookson unique. Think anchoring a superyacht off an erupting volcano or children’s gladiator battles organised in a Roman amphitheatre.


Polar discovery

In spite of the inhospitable polar climes, submersibles allow you to discover a side to the Antarctic few have seen – in perfect comfort. Following our world-first private submersible trip in 2012, we’ve run several successful submersible operations on the continent, paired with superyachts to access unique locations. Take in otherworldly ice formations and discover the polar marine life that call them home, from bizarre jellyfish to diving penguins, whales and seals.

The Caribbean

Beauty above & below the waves

This is your chance to experience the Caribbean with a difference. We’ve brought along support vessels to accompany superyacht adventures, mixing in dual submersibles to take in beautiful coral reef systems and passing sea life, from turtles to rays. Subs, here, are also vital for assisting scientific programmes monitoring the impact of coral disease and increased water temperatures. What’s more, in places like Cuba, potential still exists for new sub diving locations.

Cocos Island

Costa Rican jewel

We’ve taken multiple submersibles and scientific teams to Cocos, providing new 3D-mapping detail to both university researchers and the national park. This adds an extra layer, helping identify new dive sites among the incredible biodiversity. Here, there are incredible aggregations of large pelagic marine life, from hammerheads and eagle rays to dolphins and sea turtles. We’re also proud of our conservationist work in Cocos, with guests assisting with whale shark tagging and juvenile shark measurement, providing vital understanding of their behaviour.


Around the globe

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, we’ve organised epic Scuba adventures across the world, from the gentle waters of the Caribbean to the remotes of the Revillagigedo Islands. That might mean accompanying scientists as they tag manta rays or learning to dive as a family, with access to the best guides and scientific experts to enhance your experience.

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