Submersible adventures in the Mediterranean

The Med with a difference

Submersibles offer the chance to go deeper than traditional diving in perfect comfort, opening up opportunities for new discoveries when travelling next to our leading experts.

And, in Europe’s backyard there are findings still to be made, just as we discovered a Roman shipwreck in 2019 as part of a client’s trip, bringing in marine archaeologists and liaising with the coastguard to temporarily close down the port of Napoli.

And, wherever your interests lie, we’ve got the expertise and contacts to make it happen, as part of a wider Mediterranean experience. Travelling by superyacht means you can enjoy the likes of family treasure hunts in ancient stadiums or tastings in privatised vineyards.

Back underwater, it’s all conducted in the utmost safety. All submersibles we work with are certified by the world-leading classification society DNV.

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Experiential travel specialist Cookson Adventures recently partnered with a collation of European marine scientists, regional universities, marine archaeologists and local officials to facilitate a number of ground-breaking research dives on behalf of a Cookson client… The two species of Black Coral detected during the last dive represent, in particular, a finding of great scientific importance… Also found near to Ustica was the new discovery of a Roman shipwreck

October 2019

The joy of joining a submersible dive is its ease. Without any training, you’re able to go deeper and longer than scuba diving, stepping into a submersible that’s been prepositioned on a scouted location as you travel in luxury by yacht or, in the Mediterranean, on land. It’s the chance for an otherworldly experience within easy reach, perfectly combining with all the usual Med classics above water.

Then, when you’re onboard, there’s no pressure difference. Instead, you’re sat in comfort, able to discuss the awe-inspiring sights with those next to you, whether friends and family or a leading expert. Imagine marvelling at the twisted wreck of a destroyer that played a pivotal role in WWII while the historian who, quite literally, wrote the book on it narrates the experience next to you.


Past Cookson submersible dives in Malta


Indeed, the acrylic sphere seems to disappear with the outside underwater world, often offering near 360° views. That means you can survey ecosystems and wrecks in magnificent detail, adding enormous value to research. And, our scientific contacts can open up special-access sites. We’ve even discovered a species of coral thought to be extinct in the region we were exploring.

The Mediterranean isn’t only ideal for wreck dives, but there’s a fantastic underwater world of unique formations to uncover. Think great canyons, giant ledge drop-offs and bubbling volcanic features, all forming a truly otherworldly seascape.

And, over time, ancient port settlements have been taken over by rising sea levels. Today, they make for truly stunning submersible dives, with these millennia-old archaeological sites dramatically well preserved. Think mosaics, crumbling ruins and remnants of working Roman harbours.

Compared to experimental sub diving to thousand-metre depths, all the submersibles we work with are fully certified annually by leading organisations and feature an incredible amount of safety terms, from fail safes and drop weights to buoyancy tanks and redundancy systems.

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