Aurora domes: our luxury Iceland camp

Iceland’s first, one-of-a-kind glass igloos

We’ve created this unique camp setup, exclusively for our private clients. Entirely custom built, our aurora domes provide special, luxurious access to otherwise-untouched corners of this geographically rich country.

Here, it’s set up on a frozen lake under winter’s northern lights, backdropped by a sheer glacier. Then, in the summer, it becomes a floating basecamp on a lake in the Icelandic highlands – all immersed within the never-setting phenomenon of the midnight sun.

It’s the ultimate off-grid, leave-no-trace accommodation, creating exclusive luxury that immerses you in a wilderness destination. And, it’s all custom built to you, whether that’s a massage centre or a dance floor on ice. Whatever you choose, it’s the perfect combination with a stay in one of Iceland’s world-class properties.

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As if by magic… lodgings have appeared, a “tub” of hot water, a hole in the lake for those who dare to dive below zero and fat bikes ready to explore the surroundings

February 2023

From multi-heli journeys to being the first into the country after it reopened in 2020, we have a long history in pioneering exclusive experiences in Iceland. And, this is our latest offering.

Delivering the ultimate in exclusivity for your group, it’s luxury in Iceland’s most remote reaches. You’ll stay in a series of unique igloo-styled domes, with a leave-no-trace setup that employs solar panels and sustainable biofuel cells to power cosy heating and en suites alike.

It’s all set to panoramic views straight from the bed, whether of the northern lights or midnight sun.


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And, with the camp exclusively hand-crafted to your specification, there are personal touches throughout. Think sundowners at the ice bar or visits to the wood-fired sauna and hot tub to add an element of wellness. There’s even a fishing hole built into your dome’s floor, allowing you to hook the catch of the day to be prepared by your private chef.

And what’s more, it’s all a front-row seat to a seemingly endless playground of outdoor adventure. Think epic ice-climbing with pickaxes, kayaking with whales and e-foiling on immense glacial lakes. That’s alongside plenty of high-adrenaline exploration by snowmobile and fat bike.

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