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Across this page, you’ll find one-of-a-kind bespoke camps that no-one else has replicated, including those created by us exclusively for our private clients. That could mean setting up aurora domes on a frozen lake under the Northern Lights or movie theatres in a dragon-blood tree forest in Socotra.

This is camping, but not as you know it. Set up in otherwise off-limits locations, expect Michelin-standard private dining, masseuses on standby and saunas on frozen lakes. It’s all tailored to your exact specification.

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How we work with bespoke camps

Whatever the latest indulgences offered by the world’s smartest hotels, at the cutting edge of the luxury travel market, the buzz is all about camping….
Earlier this month, Cookson Adventures hosted a “floating camp” powered by solar panels and biofuel cells on the frozen Fjallsárlón
, a glacial lagoon in southern Iceland.

The Financial Times, January 2023

Sample camps

Desert & coast

America, Middle East & Africa

From Bedouin-style beach parties in the Middle East and North America to tracking especially adapted lions in Namibia, our luxury camps open up usually inhospitable desert environs with style and comfort. After such adventure fun as rally driving and paramotoring over wildlife, return to wellness spa setups and Milky Way stargazing.

Polar & sub-Arctic


A bespoke camp is the only way to experience much of the Arctic and Antarctic’s true remotes. Under the likes of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights, think exclusive access to otherworldly landscapes that backdrop unique wildlife and adventure experiences. It’s all tailored to you, before you return to warming saunas and private-chef dining. And, instead of demanding permanent accommodation, our setups are strictly sustainable, leaving no trace in these most fragile of environs.


East & Southern Africa

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the African bush, following wildlife migrations and enjoying the ultimate in exclusive seclusion with your very own boutique camp. Not only will you get closer to the wildlife, but our exclusive contacts can see you enjoy authentic interactions with remote tribes. Then, each night, return to campaign-era luxury mixed with plenty of Cookson fun. Think grand dining setups and dance floors in the bush.

Expedition camps

Global adventure

From great undiscovered caves and jungle canopies to the North and South Poles, we use expedition camps to access world-first settings where other logistics aren’t possible. Of course, there’ll be more than a touch of luxury, whether private-chef dining or pre-trip stays in the world’s most luxurious accommodation. There’s also something wonderfully freeing about the simplicity of it all, sleeping under the stars or among the jungle canopy and enjoying the open-fire cooking.

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