Antarctica by luxury camp

Comfort in the last frontier

We have a long history in luxury Antarctic camps, from offering their first buyout and being the first into brand-new space pods to our founder using them as a base for his world-record expedition to the South Pole of Inaccessibility.

Indeed, this is your chance to explore the most inhospitable and remote place in complete luxury, returning from emperor penguin sightings and ethereal ice caves to private-chef dining and designer dome bedrooms.

With access to multiple camps and a wide range of experts and activities, we can design an itinerary around you, whether you’re interested in gentle walks among dramatic ice formations or an adventure to the South Pole.

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I came to think of Cookson as a billionaire’s dream-catcher. Want to propose to your future wife under the northern lights? He will organise the meteorologists, private jets and dog sleds to make sure it happens. (He can’t promise that she’ll say yes.) Keen to sponsor a wildlife census in Antarctica with a bottle of Pétrus never far away? Sorted.

June 2023

After making use of Antarctica’s only exclusively operated runway to arrive from Cape Town in a Gulfstream G550 or your own private aircraft, there’s a choice of camps to choose from. Think polar domes on the shore of an oasis lake, expedition-style tents with mountain views and space-age pods beautifully poised among pitted rock formations.

There’s plenty of comfort, from art-installation lounges where you can enjoy fine wines by the fire to ice bars, saunas with glacier views and heated en-suite bedrooms bedecked in expedition heritage.

It’s all wonderfully conscious of this most fragile of environments. That means an entirely carbon neutral operation, a full leave-no-trace policy and pioneering use of sustainable aviation fuel.

And, you’ll be hosted some of the world’s finest polar guides. Wherever your interests lie, we can bring in experts to elevate your experience, whether that’s Antarctic historians, climate scientists or wildlife experts.

Throughout, you can expect a full spread of activities. For the adrenaline-focused that might mean ice climbing, mountaineering to peaks few have set foot on and expedition camps in the wilderness, while others might simply enjoy wandering among glowing ice tunnels and snowmobiling or hiking among the great expanse. The chance to fly to the South Pole is, of course, a special highlight – something that can even be achieved in a day. After all, you’ll be treated to round-the-clock sunshine, courtesy of the Midnight Sun.

We’ve also organised epic private-villa celebrations either side of our clients’ Antarctic trips. That could mean private vineyard tastings, swimming with local seals or heli trips knitting together South Africa’s wildlife wonders.

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