Costa Rica by land, air & sea

A definitive appreciation of the country’s natural treasures

Whether using private yachts, off-market properties or helis and fixed wings, we provide privileged access to Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity.

We’ve seen our clients soar high over volcanoes for some adrenaline thrill or go behind the scenes of unique conservation projects as a family. That’s all before bedding down in designer cloud forest lodges and sailing along beautiful beach-clad coastlines.

Each opportunity gives you the chance to explore in complete isolation, and always with the flexibility to indulge your interests and tastes.

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Working with local guides, the Cookson team organises experiences inaccessible to other visitors

March 2021

Costa Rica is the most biodiverse country in the world, with its 12 distinct ecological zones and over 100 protected regions spanning from cloud forests to technicolour reefs. It’s the first country to successfully reverse the effects of deforestation and there’s more months of visiting humpbacks than anywhere else.

It’s a natural playground where we’ve organised some truly epic adventures. And, alongside the fun of beach bonfire parties and white-water rafting through wildlife-animated forests, we ensure our guests are engaged with the country’s vital conservation efforts.

For one client, that meant insiders’ access to insect labs, while for others it might mean releasing turtles and scaling old-growth trees to monitor canopy-level wildlife with top ecologists.

That’s not to say that, when travelling with us, there’s not plenty of opportunity for luxury. That could be taking helis out to volcano-side lunch setups, organising a party in the jungle for friends or hosting an exclusive family takeover of one of the country’s top properties.

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