Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest by private yacht

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p>Existing now as it did thousands of years ago, the coastal fjords of British Columbia hide one of the largest – and most extraordinary – areas of unspoiled rainforest still left in existence.

It’s a maze of waterways and dense-green islets, devoid of infrastructure. That means travelling by yacht is the only real way to experience it, mapping remote fjords in complete isolation. Here, the salmon run brings out a frenzy of wildlife activity. Paddle SUPs out to bubble-netting humpbacks, swim with frolicking seals and let First Nations trackers bring you out to all-white spirit bears, all before retiring to private-chef comforts of a classic yacht.

This has long been a Cookson favourite, having hosted wellness retreats, epic adventures for friends and conservation-led educationals for families. Using our contacts, we’ve seen guests gain special invites to First Nations communities, work alongside conservationists and have even brought in longevity doctors to create the ultimate in personalised wellness programmes. It’s all tailored to you.

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To show me his version of a wellbeing immersion, the founder of Cookson Adventures and billionaires’ favourite travel guru Henry Cookson takes the medi-spa into the wild: the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada

Times Luxx, December 2023

Prime among the world’s great wildernesses, this is a region defined by its unique geography and wonderfully intimate wildlife encounters. The fabled salmon run, whereby these hardy fish migrate back upstream to spawn, brings about stalking predators – including the elusive spirit bear. An icon among wildlife watchers, it’s a rare white variant of the North American black bear that’s fabled among the First Nations and almost entirely exclusive to the region.

That’s alongside watching breaching orcas from your tender, swimming with sea lions in great kelp forests and searching for grizzlies in the company of a renowned conservationist. And, travelling by yacht, you’ll have the flexibility to explore at will, with our experts following the wildlife conditions while you enjoy plenty of exclusive comforts. Indulge with hot-tub views from the deck, private-chef dining and truly elegant accommodation. Beautifully converted from a WWII-era US military vessel, it’s a joy of dark-wood fineries.


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There’s also plenty of outdoor pursuits. Think using helis to reach otherwise-inaccessible biking and kayaking locations. SUPing through the meandering waterway network by day or night. Or, spotting brown bears patrolling the rivers as you join expert anglers to fly-fish along the water’s edge.

It’s all made possible by our exclusive contacts and local connections, whether that’s bringing in award-winning wildlife photographers, heading out with conservationists to non-invasively monitor ocean-going wolves by drone and whale activity with hydrophones or arranging for wellness specialists to join you on board. We’ve used wearable tech to inform breathwork specialists, nutritionists and performance doctors in setting up personalised wellness programmes for our clients. There’s also the option to extend your trip, with a stay in a luxurious floating lodge outside of Vancouver Island.

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