Submersible diving in the Pacific

World-first discoveries

Using 3D mapping technology, we’ve not only contributed to scientific understanding across the Pacific but identified new dive targets, facilitating world-first dives.

After all, with much of the ocean’s floor unexplored, who knows what you’ll discover. We’ve dived across the Pacific, taking in everything from great shark congregations to wrecks that tell the story of some of WWII’s bloodiest battles.

However, much of the joy of submersible diving is its ease. Despite going deeper and longer for Scuba, you’ll travel in comfort alongside family and the likes of marine biologists, with no training or decompression required.

That’s all while you explore above water by superyacht in luxury. Choosing between everywhere from Fiji to the Solomon Islands, you’ll be island hopping between the desert-island beach setups, leaf-hut villages and family treasure hunts.

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One of Cookson’s Fijian charters… documented the seabed of a local bay. “That data helped a local tribe extend the marine-protected area of the bay

September 2023

We’ve got the track record of delivering innovative submersible trips across the Pacific, monitoring the degradation of WWII shipwrecks in the Solomon Islands, diving with sharks in French Polynesia and mapping dramatic underwater features to share the data with Fijian chiefs, improving their understanding of the island they’ve called home for centuries.

Indeed, you’ll be exploring some of the largest marine ecosystems on the planet. So remote, they’re ripe for new discoveries, whether that’s shipwrecks, dramatic abyssal walls covered in coral or schooling manta rays.

This is all built with our access to unique permits and the industry’s top experts, whether that’s maritime historians, leading pilots or marine biologists. Of course, all the submersibles we work with are fully certified by the leading accreditation agency, with a full spread of safety systems – from failsafes and buoyancy tanks to redundancy systems and ROV operations.

We’re also particularly proud of our 3D mapping in the Pacific. Sending a team out ahead of our dives, the information is not only vital for scientists studying ecosystems or marine historians monitoring the state of centuries-old wrecks, but it provides visualisations that enrich our clients’ experience and can even identify new dive sites. This new data of these hard-to-reach areas is then shared with scientific bodies, governments and charitable organisations, including Seabed 2030 – the project to map the entire ocean floor by 2030.

Then, above the water, we design a full superyacht experience, tailored to our clients. Discover uninhabited islands to enjoy a beach party to remember. Soar over remote islands and contribute to research missions, lending a hand with conservationists tagging turtles. Or, immerse yourself in local culture with a private invitation to visit a tribal chief.

We’ve also organised some epic treasure hunts. Providing fun and education for the whole family, we bring in the likes of actors, heat-mapping drones and spy cameras so kids both young and old can explore their surroundings and its heritage. It all culminates with a submersible dive in search of the lost treasure.

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