Let us explain…

Who are Cookson Adventures?

We are not just any luxury adventure travel company. Every experience we deliver is tailored around you, your friends, guests and family. There is no one-size-fits-all, because every individual and trip is unique.

For relaxation, stimulation, or an insight into a rarely explored culture, we are there to guide you. We are also adept at arranging challenging expeditions and celebrations, whether it is taking groups of friends on expeditions across a snowy wilderness or creating unforgettable family experiences.

Location is secondary. How you feel, and the memories you create, are paramount.

If you’re curious enough to explore, we’ll take you there.


What’s your first step in booking an adventure?

The Cookson Adventures team are always available, ready to get to know you and start planning your experience – either through using our online enquiry form or by contacting our office directly on 0207 736 0452. We’ll be delighted to hear about your travel aspirations and begin your journey together.


Our fees

We take pride in delivering perfect service and living up to our guarantee that every experience is individually designed and meticulously planned. We will ask you for a deposit (credited to the cost of your trip) before we begin designing your adventure, which allows us to spend all the time we need to get to perfection.

Price on application
Every adventure we create is unique and we will provide a comprehensive estimate of costs to suit your budget. Pricing will include every last detail to ensure that you are left with inspiring and unique memories after your journey.

Because we’ve learnt that things change at the last minute, we agree with you to hold a contingency fund for your trip (refunded at the end of your adventure if unused) that allows us, in full consultation with you, to rapidly change arrangements on your trip without troubling you for further payments.

On a recent luxury safari, a camp was flooded. Within an hour, we had seamlessly rescheduled the client to a more luxurious lodge – without detracting from the perfect safari experience.


What happens if I don’t like the trip that’s planned – is my deposit refundable?

Because we work hand in hand with you to design your trip, we guarantee that our proposal to you will perfectly meet, or exceed, your expectations. If you are not happy, we will rework the proposal, again, and again. If we are at fault because we cannot design a proposal that truly delights you, then we haven’t lived up to our promise and we will refund your deposit.


How far in advance are the trips planned?

From 24 hours to 24 months. We know at Cookson that no two people are the same. Some clients live for the spontaneous, some like to plan well in advance.

When a trip is requested at short notice, we will use our experience and global network to deliver it where possible. However, we will never compromise our high standards.

Due to the extraordinary nature of our experiences, acquiring the necessary permits and assets can require up to 12 months’ notice.

Your personal travel specialist will be able to advise you about this once your requirements have been established.


What’s a travel specialist?

Our seasoned team of specialists are a well-travelled group, with a collective knowledge that spans the globe. You will be assigned a personal travel specialist after the very first call.

They will plan your adventure from start to finish, seeing you all the way through to the moment you depart, remaining on hand, by phone or discreetly nearby on your trip, depending on your requirements.


What’s the payment process?

Payment terms will vary from trip to trip and we will agree these with you as part of our personal planning process. We are able to accept payments via credit card or bank transfer.