An Antarctic expedition by superyacht and submersible

Icebergs at the bottom of the world

The white, open expanses of Antarctica are simply breathtaking. They are also a wilderness that hides a diverse array of wildlife and bodies of water that belie its stunning bleakness—if you know where to look.


-61° 98' S -58° 0' W

Our client wanted to explore a different side to this rarely visited continent, and after meeting with our travel specialists it was clear that we needed to create an experience that mixed the adventurous with the luxurious.

Our yacht-based journey to the Antarctic Peninsula took our client to places they had only read about but always dreamed of seeing in person. After spending their days spotting wildlife and taking in the incredible scenery, nights could be spent in elegant comfort after exquisite dinners.

The luxury setting of a fully refurbished superyacht afforded comforts rarely seen in an environment like this.

The ship had newly installed windows to view the ocean beneath the vessel and accommodated 14 guests, 11 crew, 4 polar experts. The media room provided a nightly theatre for the day’s footage.

From an observation deck our adventurers could spy the spectacular vistas from a hot-tub, take to the skies in a helicopter, or delve into the water in a private submarine to explore the world under the ice and make new discoveries in this rarely visited environment.

It was during this adventure that we took the first commercial submersible to Antarctica.

Our travel specialists were keen to ensure everyone had an unrivalled experience, from the physically exhilarating to the peaceful and relaxing.

  • For the whole group. A private camp on the ice was an unforgettable night, reflecting on the day’s adventures and sleeping in comfort in a truly wild setting.
  • For the wildlife enthusiasts. World leading marine scientists helped to track and follow resident pods of humpback whales.
  • For the active. Hiking and skinning up before skiing down to lay fresh tracks on a mountain that only a few people had set foot on before, followed by ice climbing and mountaineering with expert guides.

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