An epic Alaskan flying safari

Brown bears & schools of salmon in pristine American wilderness

For nature lovers, there are few places on the planet quite as exhilarating as Alaska. We arranged a small squadron of aircraft, some of the best pilots in the state, expert wildlife guides and a bespoke camp for a group of friends after a truly wild weekend immersion in the least accessible corners of Katmai National Park.

Alaska Peninsula

58° 14' N 154° 13' W

Dwarfed by the Alaska Peninsula’s mountains and glaciers, the specially modified Piper Cub aircraft let us land on remote beaches and riverine valley floors – places where few people have ever set foot before.

With camp set up by the Pacific Ocean, our guests explored estuaries by canoe, searching for the extraordinary Alaskan brown bear. Alongside wildlife experts, we were able to track, observe and interpret the behaviour of the bears, watching as they snatched salmon from river torrents and taught their cubs how to fish, before returning for the night to a similar fresh catch cooked over an open fire.

Back aboard the Pipers, we flew in formation into the mountains over vast glacial tongues, touching down under towering waterfalls and on the ice itself for hikes up valley sides or to paddle board on teal lakes. An action-filled weekend away from it all like few others.


Air to air adventure – Specially adapted aircraft and seriously talented pilots meant landing almost anywhere, letting the group reach otherwise inaccessible beaches and explore the interior.

Luxury wilderness camping – No Alaskan adventure would be complete without wild camping, with the added Cookson comforts of a chef and bespoke luxury tents.

Forging new trails – With the freedom to explore untamed wilderness, our group could hike up remote glaciers and climb peaks that very few people have ever seen, let alone scaled.

Taking to the water – The Alaska Peninsula’s Pacific coastline, meltwater rivers and glacial lakes were the perfect locales to discovered by canoe and stand up paddleboard.

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