Iceland by helicopter: volcanoes & ice

The ultimate appreciation of nature’s might

Not only were we the very first back into the country when it reopened in 2020, but we’ve pioneered many of the unique experiences we’ve picked out below, from volcanic off-road adventures and new heli routes to secret geothermal hot pools.

So, all the images and footage you see on this page have been taken entirely on our trips.

Just remember, whether you’re interested in swimming with whales or private audiences with volcanologists, everything can – and will – be tailored entirely to you. We have the specialist contacts to make it happen.

With its great, often-inaccessible geography of wild waterfalls and explosive volcanoes, the sheer scale of Iceland’s natural wonders can only truly be appreciated from the air. And, we’ve designed perhaps the most ambitious heli routes the country has ever seen.

One moment you could be snowmobiling on a glacier or exploring stunning ice caves and the next paddling through a remote inland river or admiring a volcanic explosion.

However, if you’d rather, there’s plenty more to explore on the ground and sea. We are specialists in crafting the unique, with our clients having kayaked with puffins, raced ATVs on black-sand beaches and toasted glacial lagoons with dramatic lunch setups.

Whatever you choose, we’ll pick out your perfect accommodation. Think off-market lodges in stunning remote locations, with hot-tub views of the aurora up above and staff that suit your needs, from world-class chefs to yogis or masseurs.

What’s more, Iceland’s varied seasons mean true, year-round adventures. That could mean heli-skiing under the midnight sun over summer’s long days or drinks in geothermal pools and winter-sports fun under the northern lights.

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