Riding with cowboys in Colombia

From Colombia's wild Los Llanos to the Caribbean Sea

With an unbridled sense of adventure, we got into the saddle alongside Colombia’s llanero cowboys to ride across the lush grasslands of Los Llanos. This vast landscape offers the country’s wild side with these barefoot cowboys living a demanding, semi-nomadic existence that’s rooted in five proud centuries of culture. It succeeds because of a truly deep respect for the land they have tamed.

We explored the most inaccessible and abundant parts of a private nature reserve, searching the wetlands for anaconda, gregarious capybara and the ever elusive jaguar. Riding through the wild terrain, we were able to share the Llaneros’ romantic sense of purpose that intrinsically connects them to their horses and this landscape.

Led by local conservation workers we searched for pink river dolphins aboard a local fishing boat on the Meta River and learned more about these remarkable creatures. As the evenings fell, we returned to the private safari-style camp for traditional bonfire dinners, listening to the music of harps, guitars and maracas as the Llaneros sang traditional songs that recounted stories of nature, adventure and love.

Taking to the skies in a helicopter, we were able to get up-close to El Hoyo del Aire, a colossal 180-metre deep sinkhole, before landing at Ventanas de Tisquizoque, where a three-tiered, 300-metre waterfall plummets from the mountain cave system.

Next, we explored the lost city of Ciudad Perdida from above to survey the ancient terraces built by a tribe 600 years before Machu Picchu, then met their ancestors, the Tayrona tribe, to hear about their ancient culture and traditions that they continue to preserve today. Touching down on the sands of a remote Carribean bay to watch the sunset was a fitting finale to the adventure.

Rare tribal experiences – Guests gained a privileged insight to rural Colombia through our local experts, immersing themselves into the lives of the Llaneros cowboys and Kogui villagers.

Wildlife conservation – One of the most biodiverse jungles on the planet was the perfect location to learn about important conservation projects from leading experts.

Explored by air – Alongside ancient archaeological sites, guests gained access to jungle-hemmed beaches that would be otherwise by inaccessible if not for the use of helicopters.

Restless adventure – From paragliding through the second deepest canyon in the world to white water rafting along rushing currents, no two days were the same.

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