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With glacial ice caps bigger than some US states and national parks the size of small nations, America’s north-western extreme is nature writ large. Here, where our founder first received his mountain-guide training, we’ve organised some of the region’s most epic adventures.

Think fixed-wing formation flying over giant glaciers to track hunting bears and whales alongside top conservationists. That’s all before returning to the luxuries of your off-grid accommodation, whether that’s a bespoke camp with spa setup or off-market lodges – from lake-side timber cabins to modernist chalets poised atop a granite amphitheatre.

A yacht, too, is the perfect platform to explore, sailing mighty whale-dotted fjords to dip in and out of dramatic island bays and reach otherwise-inaccessible remotes. Whatever you choose, expect luxuries and itineraries tailored to you, whether that’s relaxing private-chef setups on glaciers or adrenaline-fuelled heli biking.

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Will Bishop, director of Superyacht Partners, shared his past experiences as a captain visiting remote locations. “I spent seven years in Alaska running trips for my owner… I would have much rather had a company like Cookson Adventures to do it for me

Will Bishop, director of Superyacht Partners, quoted in Boat International, August 2023

Whether you’re interested in transformative wellness, unique wildlife experiences or indulging with a touch of luxury in the wilderness, Alaska is an outdoorsperson’s sandbox.

That could mean joining leading researchers to track whales in remote fjords or taking to the skies in fixed-wing planes to follow giant river systems, following the salmon run to discover remote bear colonies. Or, it might mean heading into abandoned gold mining towns and meeting native peoples, learning about the region’s rich pioneering past from published historians as you go.

Throughout, Alaska is the perfect backdrop for wellness adventures. Whether that’s sound-bathing in the forest or heading out with a competition-winning fisherman and having your catch prepared over the open fire by your expert guide, we’ve brought in leading experts to create tailor-made programmes for our clients, from breathwork practitioners to heads of performance for world-class sports team.

Footage taken on one of our past Alaskan flying safaris

Throughout, we’ll see you immersed in your environment, taking kayaks out to spot breaching whales, making remote landings for heli-biking opportunities or spending the night in a remote camp. Set up just for you, that might mean spa setups on the lake and private-chef dining around the fire.

However, you’ll also return to a sense of luxury. Getting off grid by yacht or making use of our network of off-market properties can bring you deep in the wild while still experiencing the ultimate in comfort.

Perhaps that’s toasting orca sightings with a glass of fizz on your yacht’s deck or indulging with the finest in local seafood in a timber lodge overlooking the river it was caught in. We’ve brought guests everywhere from floating log cabins to glacier-top villas, reachable only by helicopter. Wherever you are, you can expect glittering service and nights’ skies alike.

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