Monasteries, monks & meditation in Bhutan

A spiritually uplifting adventure in Bhutan

High in the Himalayas lies the magical Kingdom of Bhutan. Independent for centuries and rich in traditions, this intriguing land is like no other.

As you descend into Paro Airport, perched over two kilometres above sea level and surrounded by sharp Himalayan peaks, begin your adventure with a breathtaking landing, so difficult that until recently only eight pilots in the world were allowed to make the journey.

Often regarded as the happiest country on earth, Bhutan is a land of many splendours. Discover its people and its burgeoning wildlife – including a growing tiger population, the elusive snow leopard and elegant black cranes that roam freely in the protected landscapes that encompass almost half of the country.

Across snowy mountains and humid jungles, follow our expert guides into the wilderness and explore the Yeti Wildlife Sanctuary to discover nomadic tribes in what was thought to be home to this mythical creature – or venture north to the remote Laya Village and find glacial lakes and semi-nomadic yak herders.

In the Royal Manas National Park, you can hike alongside our wildlife trackers in search of the highly endangered Royal Bengal tiger, the Asian elephant and clouded leopard. Afterwards, meet with the founder of the National Biodiversity Centre and take a tour of the Royal Gene Bank.

As the only official Buddhist country in the world, this rarely-visited, small kingdom has an abundance of historical religious sites. Visit a seventeenth-century monastery to witness monks performing age-old rituals and be led in private meditation by His Holiness Khedrupchen Rinpoche at Bhutan’s most famous landmark, Paro Taktsang, the Tiger’s Nest. This exquisite temple complex stands at the cave site where Buddhism was introduced to Bhutan, and from its high, cliffside position by a majestic waterfall take in the magnificent views.

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