Release a rhino in South Africa

Set against the Great Karoo’s spectacular landscape enjoy an exclusive opportunity to help save the vulnerable Southern white rhino

In the untamed heartland of South Africa’s Great Karoo, we are offering a once in a lifetime chance to help relocate, name and release a white rhino into a protected 70,000-acre wilderness reserve.

Join local rangers to safeguard this vulnerable species against poachers and play a vital role in seeing that these majestic animals will continue to roam free.

What were once overworked livestock ranches have been transformed back into a thriving wilderness. Animals that were shot by poachers and farmers long ago have been successfully reintroduced, including cheetahs, lions and elephants.  Now, in an amphitheatre of soaring mountains, this landscape is once again host to the Big Five, with leopards, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo also stalking the plains.

With your family part of this next, pivotal phase, we will design elements specifically for children of all ages around the big release, including anti-poaching patrols, wildlife monitoring, tracker training experience, and meeting the local community who are supported by the reserve’s work.

Contribute to leopard research in the region and you may have the opportunity to help collar one of these ever-elusive big cats with a GPS tracker. Discovering their population number and monitoring their movements will be rewarded as you can keep up to date with the Karoo’s residents from back home.

At dawn and dusk head out with expert rangers in search of paw prints in the soil, fly in a helicopter over savannahs where lions roam and spend a night in a specially erected camp after another rewarding day.

This is safari experience unlike any other, one where being immersed in the wild will leave both indelible memories and the knowledge that you have played an important role in protecting some of Africa’s most iconic creatures.

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