Jungle trekking and unseen rituals in Papua New Guinea

Explore dramatic land and seascapes in one of the world’s least-known countries

For an adventure like no other, explore the jagged peaks of Papua New Guinea’s rainforest with local tribesmen and dive to long-lost wrecks in its clear blue ocean.

In a land largely untouched by tourism, take part in spiritual ceremonies inland and then make the most of the unsurpassed diving opportunities.

You will make your way through the rainforest by boat and on foot, accompanied by a leading documentary producer, researcher, and local tribesmen.

The journey through the rainforest will give you glimpses of its unique flora and fauna, including numerous species of tree kangaroo, spine-covered echidnas, and huge flightless cassowary, while the world-famous—but rarely seen—birds of paradise, with their magnificent plumage, flit between trees.

Arriving at the village, you will uncover the seldom-seen traditions of one of the world’s remotest tribes, deep in the heart of the planet’s second largest jungle.

Being initiated as a tribal clan member will allow you to scale Kavrimara, the ‘Spirit Mountain’, and access the tribe’s sacred land, seen before by only a handful of western guests.

Bases for the journey will include specially built campsites on the banks of the river and traditional wooden houses hung 40 metres in the air.

Following your tribal expedition travel to the coast or nearby Komodo, where you will be berthed in a comfortable yacht for a diving and research experience. The clear waters allow you to see the wrecks of World War II fighter planes and merchant ships on the seabed in all their decaying glory.

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