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Polar adventure in the High Arctic

Approximately halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole, the Svalbard archipelago is an Arctic wonderland of fissured tundra coastline, snow-capped peaks and mighty glaciers, animated only by Arctic wildlife, including stalking polar bears.

It’s a wild geography with near non-existent infrastructure, making it ideal for yacht exploration. We’ve even brought in support-ship icebreakers to offer greater access, bringing guests to remote locations and unique setups on the ice sheet.

Our clients have also enjoyed special access to research facilities and polar explorer guides to kite-ski across the frozen landscapes. And, with our knowledge of the region and selection of ice-class expedition yachts, you’ll travel in comfort where others can’t, enjoying the flexibility to adapt your route to weather and wildlife at a moment’s notice. We’ll personalise your experience every step of the way.

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In a world first, Cookson Adventures takes a client’s superyacht to Svalbard… While most other companies would have simply chartered an icebreaker… [Cookson Adventures] was able to bring the client’s own yacht along for the ride so he could experience the expedition without sacrificing any of the creature comforts he’d grown accustomed to

March 2021

In the land of the midnight sun, 24-hour daylight means not only great celestial beauty, but unmatched opportunities to explore at any time of day or night. What that looks like is entirely up to you.

For some, it involves soaking in your yacht’s jacuzzi as you scythe through shifting ice floes, keeping an eye out for polar bears, whales and Arctic fox. Or, it could be our silver-service dining setups in the shadow of an icebreaker’s bow and flying to off-the-beaten-track locations accessible only by air.


Footage from one of our past superyacht trips to Svalbard


For others, it may be piloting a submersible 300m beneath the ice to map an uncharted section of the seabed or harnessing your inner polar explorer on an intrepid kite-skiing trip. Skim over the ice and fresh powder in the company of a record-breaking polar guide – you can even spend the night in an luxury expedition camp, tucking into a fireside dinner and bedding down beneath the midnight sun.

Whatever your appetite for adventure and however you want to customise your trip, our wildlife guides, climate scientists and expedition leaders are available to join you on board. With their world-leading expertise and years of experience, they’re able to provide context to your trip, offering a unique insight into this fragile ecosystem and ensuring the smooth running of every aspect of your journey.

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