The ultimate adventure with friends in Utah’s wilds

Adventure abounds in Utah

For our client’s party weekend, Utah’s otherworldly landscape became a playground for adventure. His guests spent days marvelling at the magnitude of a land defined by its carved-out canyons and blissfully sun-soaked desert.

Utah, USA

37°05' N 111°15' W

As we began tailoring the itinerary, our client had one important requirement: to pack as much action into the weekend as possible. From hurtling down tracks in ATVs, leaving clouds of dust in their wake, to toasting sundowners on top of Tower Butte after a scenic helicopter tour, we were able to deliver such an experience — elevated by luxury — through our extensive knowledge of the region.

Personalised bottles of tequila, chef-prepared meals and uninterrupted views of Lake Powell and Tower Butte set the scene for days of unforgettable adventure.

With a Cookson host and nature guides in attendance, the group explored an itinerary that included canyoning, high octane quad biking, kayaking and the benefit of dual yacht and helicopter operations.

The orange and pinkish hues of the boulders also made for a surreal experience. Here competitive streaks were shown as they raced mountain bikes through narrow canyons and sped jet skis around meandering passageways.

We ensured their adventure was completely flexible so that multiple activities could take place simultaneously within the group, for those who would rather sit back and relax while others rappelled off the side of steep cliffs.

Our travel specialists designed an itinerary that ensured an adrenaline rush for every guest, resulting in an unforgettable stag weekend.

A bespoke lakeside camp – Our client and his twelve guests enjoyed a camp that was built tailored to his wishes, arriving by private jet to a campfire set up with lavish outside dining.

Water sports and toys – A plethora of toys, from jet-skis to speedboats, fuelled days of competition amongst the gregarious guests.

Unforgettable memories – Although the adventure was hard to forget, our team put together a short movie and photo album for the newlywed and his friends.

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