Untamed celebration in the Kenyan bush

A wild birthday adventure

Nowhere is the majesty of the animal kingdom more apparent than in Kenya. This land of crimson sunsets and golden savannahs was the perfect location for our guest’s lively birthday extravaganza. 

Rangers, conservationists and local tribespeople were the only other faces joining the group as they head out on safaris from dusk to dawn. Their unique knowledge led the guests to secluded spots to spy cheetahs, elephants, lions, giraffes and rhinos as they roamed Kenya’s untamed land.

When news came in of a lion feasting on a fresh kill, we were ready to take them straight to the action. Having a fleet of seven helicopters meant each guest could have a front-row seat as they soared over Matthews Range and the sculpted peaks of Mount Kenya. They stopped at the unbelievably turquoise Lake Turkana and flew over thousands of flamingoes, flashing pink on the sun-drenched shores of Lake Logipi.

For an unforgettable evening banquet, we lit a kopje hill in purples, greens, whites and blues. Knowing that there’s delight in the unexpected, several surprises were arranged for our birthday guest. Moments away from the feast, they found a secret camp for the night with personalised eye masks and gowns laid out on each pillow.

The next morning, local school children gathered around the camp to sing enchantingly on the explorer’s birthday. The sky was lit in flushes of soft purple and orange as they weaved through the guests, awakening them with the gentle sounds of Kenyan folk song.

Bringing unparalleled comfort to the most private of bush adventures, this remarkable safari also left our guests happy in the knowledge they were contributing to a state-of-the-art conservancy, as well as the local Kenyan community. At Ol Jogi, they indulged in some unforgettable close encounters with elephants, baby rhinos and a tiny cheetah cub before making their way home.

Heli’d straight to the action – With a fleet of helicopters in tow, we were ready to jump on any opportunity that arose. Spontaneous, unscripted adventure.

Close encounters & conservation – Shoulder to shoulder with our wildlife trackers, the group watched Africa’s most iconic species in their natural habitat and contributed to their vital conservation.

Dressed to impress – We found party outfits for the explorers to don throughout the week – from the vibrant patterns of traditional Kanga clothing to the beaded jewellery of the Maasai and Samburu tribes, who have called this land home for thousands of years.

Up your party game in Kenya.

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