Salvage vintage wine from a historic shipwreck

Retrieve a treasure trove of rare vintages lost to the sea for 100 years

In 1918, just two months before the end of World War I, a German U-boat torpedoed and sank a vessel sailing from Bordeaux to the UK carrying a precious cargo of champagne, rare wine, brandy and Benedictine.

The ship—codenamed ‘Mercury’—has laid undisturbed on the seabed off the Cornish coast for a century, and now comes the rare opportunity to join the team who discovered her secret location and help them to retrieve a treasure trove of cargo.

As part of an exclusive seven-day marine expedition to the bottom of the sea, you will have the chance to be a member of this incredible team, undertake the final surveys, and begin archaeological salvage of bottles for testing by expert oenologists.

At around 100 metres below sea level, the darkness and constant cool temperatures are exceptional for preserving the bottles’ contents. Estimates from archival research and initial dives put their numbers in their thousands.

Home to the salvage operation is the cosmopolitan maritime town of Falmouth in Cornwall, and your stay will be a luxurious one. Your base for the week will be a private Cornish mansion with its own beach, stunning sea views and a dedicated personal chef.

Spend the day aboard the research vessel, with daily helicopter transfers possible and your own cabin provided on board. With the team of marine archaeologists, historians and divers, embark on the first two days of mapping and surveying, using a submersible to begin the salvage operations on day three. Using state-of-the-art Coravin technology, and with the aid of a leading wine historian, test wines without damaging the cork the moment bottles are salvaged.

The team comprises experts in all fields – in sailing, marine science, surveying, archaeology, wine science, wine testing, and documentary filming.

Contact our team of experts to find out how you could be exploring this remarkable wreckage in the English Channel.

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