Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest by yacht

Unique wildlife, unique geography

The coastal fjord maze of British Columbia hides one of the largest remaining areas of unspoiled temperate rainforest left on Earth, existing now as it did thousands of years ago.

And, each year around September and October, it hosts one of the planet’s great migrations, where salmon in their millions return to spawn. This is your chance to bear witness to the great animation of wildlife that this phenomenon brings in, from bears and bald eagles to coastal wolves and even orcas.

With our conservationist and First Nations contacts, a leading yacht in tow and a full spread of adventure activities, you’ll be able to go where others can’t.

Among its towering granite cliffs, dense forests and winding waterways, you’ll discover one of the greatest wildlife shows on Earth. Kayak past breaching humpbacks and hike out to search for coastal wolves before taking a helicopter to a remote location to swim with seals.

Prime among these wildlife experiences is the legendary ‘spirit’ bear – a unique subspecies where one in ten cubs are born with a vanilla-white coat.

It’s all made possible by travelling with leading conservationists, perhaps monitoring whale activity with a hydrophone and tracking wolf behaviour by drone. You’ll also gain exclusive access by partnering with local First Nations people, learning how they’ve carved a unique way of life in these remote climes.

You’ll take it all in on our recommended yacht. A WWII veteran that has enjoyed a past life as a research vessel, today it offers a slice of classical yacht comfort for up to ten guests. It’s headed by the region’s top captains who, along with your Cookson host, will tailor your route to your exact interests.

Exclusive First Nations experiences – enjoy a private audience with a Gitga’at spirit bear keeper, accompanying him on a search for this elusive creature into otherwise entirely private areas

Swimming with seals in kelp forests – this dynamic, otherworldly ecosystem plays host to a spectacular range of marine life

Watersports – from kayaking and SUPing among fissured bays to waterskiing through fjords and fishing in remote spots, the region’s waterway network is your playground

Helicopters as a platform for adventure – head further into the wilderness to search for wildlife or access unique heli-biking routes and waterfall hikes

Unique wildlife – track the salmon run and take in everything from bears and otters to wolves and whales

First-hand conservation – with our exclusive contacts, go behind the scenes of the region’s ground-breaking wildlife projects with their top conservationists. Track whales with scientists, study wildlife behaviour by drone or join a local research team engaged with protecting the region’s wolf population

If you are feeling the call of the wild, contact our expert team now.

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