Kenya private lodges: ultimate safari

A safari adventure in one of the world’s great wildernesses

With Kenya’s exclusive-for-you conservancies coupled with our access to the world’s best private lodges and some truly unique Cookson experiences thrown in, this is the definitive safari.

We’ve seen guests get involved with rhino translocations, enjoy authentic tribal invitations and pioneer new multi-heli routes, flying with flamingos and reaching extinct volcanos marooned in turquoise lakes.

Indeed, having world-class trackers, helis on standby and a private conservancy to hand, means unscripted wildlife moments are brought instantly to life. And, at the end of it all, you’ll retire to your luxurious private accommodation, where waterhole views are complemented by firepits and private-chef indulgences.

Here, in private exclusivity, you’ll have the freedom to explore at will, whether that’s all-family field trips with leading conservationists, adrenaline ATV races on custom courses or epic group celebrations with bespoke dance floors in the bush.

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Henry Cookson worked as a horse-riding safari guide in Africa before establishing his London-based firm. He’s carved out a niche that focuses on a small number of elaborate adventures; a few dozen custom itineraries are developed on demand each year

January 2023

Although iconic for its epic landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and age-old cultures, with us, Kenya also provides Africa’s ultimate platform for safari adventure.

Want to admire the Big Five in the company of the country’s top rangers? We can make it happen. That’s alongside going behind the scenes of a ground-breaking palaeontology site, participating in Samburu tribal warrior games or walking alongside a troop of boisterous baboons.

We’ve also created new heli routes that have seen our clients fly out to areas almost entirely impossible to reach. Think soaring over herds of giraffe to discover secret swimming pools and witness centuries-old tribal rituals in Kenya’s far remotes.

We’ve even organised one of the largest, and most successful, rhino translocations in recent history, with guests getting to contribute to the process up close.


Footage taken across some of our previous Kenya trips


That’s all alongside plenty of unique luxury. Think sundowners atop giant butte plateaus reached by heli, masseuses on standby and yoga sessions in the bush. After all, you’ll be staying in some outstanding exclusive accommodation. There’s everything from the world’s most architecturally impressive lodges and an entire 270km2 private conservancy to getting closer to nature with canvas cottages and a night in your own private camp.

And, with access to your own conservancy, that means plenty of extra fun. Expect private bush parties with top African performers, meetings with nomadic tribes or custom courses set up for your group to race high-powered rally cars.

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