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Travelling in a balloon-propelled and climate-controlled capsule, this is the most luxurious way to experience space, ascending at a gentle 12mph to showcase philosophy-defining views of Earth’s curvature and great expanse.

So, with no rocket fuel or G forces, not only will there be nearly zero emissions, but you’ll be travelling in gentle comfort with no fitness or training requirements. The result is an enjoyable six-hour journey, where rocket-fuelled alternatives can be over in minutes.

It’s all powered by same technology used by Nasa for decades, overseen by experts who have spearheaded every balloon-propelled human space flight.

And, whether it’s involving Michelin-standard tasting courses or pioneering scientific research, Cookson Adventures will tailor this experience to you.

Thanks to its vast experience in the ultra-luxury market, Cookson Adventures is pioneering innovative adventure experiences that push the boundaries of travel

June 2019

With its modular setup, we can expand this experience to make it as impactful as possible, wherever your interests lie. That could be an augmented reality overview of the world through an ice age, an ex-Astronaut to talk you through their experiences or a celebratory dinner, with mixologist cocktails and experimental fine dining paired with stages of your flight.

Speaking of stages, the flight begins at either a marine spaceport or the Kennedy Space Center, where you’ll go behind this iconic facility. Then, rather than blasting off, the capsule rises slowly and smoothly, to give you time to enjoy the views of up to 450 miles – brought to life by your expert guides.

Your ascent peaks above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere at the edge of space. You’ll have two hours at this apogee to leisurely view the curve of the Earth, the total blackness of space and the thin blue line of our atmosphere, before your gentle ocean splashdown.

That means, we can look into linking two points that interest you after you land. While that could be pairing your space flight with a Caribbean private-island getaway, we’re particularly excited about the chance to combine a trip to space with a submersible journey to the bottom of the ocean – potentially a first-of-its-kind. Learn more about our expertise in submersibles here.

All images courtesy of Space Perspective

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