Honing body and mind

Finding your inner power in nature

A real adventure pushes the limits of your mind and body, transforming your everyday life thereafter.

There’s something to be found in getting lost.

Our wellness adventures are designed to be deeply personal for this very reason. We take time to understand your interests, ambitions and curiosities to create an exploration-led training program that will challenge you both physically and mentally.

Meticulously crafted alongside dieticians, personal trainers, chefs, yogis, mindfulness coaches and the experts that specialise in your chosen activities.

Creating everlasting experiences in some of the most isolated and idyllic destinations on earth.

Breathe ice

Norway - Northern Lights

Unlocking mind over matter in Norway

In the midst of a Norwegian winter, you can learn the techniques of the Wim Hof Method from a private instructor, mastering its three main pillars: cold therapy, breathing and commitment. Embracing the Arctic cold with a plunge into its waters can expose you to a cascade of health benefits such as fat loss, a fortified immune system and a rush of endorphins.

We can teach you breathing techniques that will heighten the oxygen in your blood and induce a state of calmness. All the while exploring one of the most spectacular outdoor playgrounds on the planet.

Breathe Zen

Wellness adventure in Japan

Meditation and martial arts in Japan

In the south of Japan, the seldom-explored Yakushima Island has winding rivers that run through its ancient cedar forests like veins. Here, under Yakushima’s canopy, the restorative power of practising mindfulness in the woods — known as shinrin-yoku – was scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Be introduced to a karate master and embark on a journey into a storied martial art. Together you can meditate using the hara breathing technique and learn how to control your movement and maximise awareness.

Breathe deep

Freediving wellness experience

A deserted island escape with freediving instructor

Marooned on a private island with an expert survival guide, learn how to build your own camp, fish with minimal supplies and survive overnight. A freediving instructor will be there to teach you how to hold your breath for longer underwater by using techniques derived from yoga and meditation.

You will be taught to unlock your dive reflex, lower your heart rate and restrict blood flow, while taking part in your very own Robinson Crusoe escape.

There’s something to be found
in getting lost.

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