Papua New Guinea

Jungles forgotten by time

Papua New Guinea, which occupies the eastern half of New Guinea, is one of the least explored countries in the world. Impenetrable forest and smouldering volcanoes make nature a fortress in this enticing land.

Aboard a private superyacht, this nation presents everything an adventurer could want – tribes that have lived in isolation for millennia and rare wildlife such as birds of paradise, tree kangaroos, spine-covered echidnas and huge flightless cassowary.

We can introduce you to local huntsmen who can lead you through dense jungles to reach their hidden village, cutting down twisted vines with machetes as they pass. Here you can witness rituals that very few have seen in the world or find volcanoes to climb or summit by helicopter. Collaborate with a leading research scientist and you could help discover a new species at one of the region’s calderas.

Back at sea, we can hop between scattered islands and white-sand beaches. The diving, surfing, kayaking and snorkelling here is world class due to Papua New Guinea’s location in the Coral Triangle, which is known by some as the Amazon of the seas. In these waters, Second World War aircraft is scattered along the seabed and forgotten caves are ripe for exploration.

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