Rare finds in the Pacific

Scattered like an emerald necklace in the Pacific Ocean, the Micronesian archipelago of Palau is home to an exhibition of exotic fish and rainbow-coloured coral. Its proximity to both New Guinea and the Philippines has resulted in this cluster of jungle-covered islands containing a remarkable diversity of marine life.

We can begin your underwater exploration in a submersible large enough to accommodate an entire family. Among the treasures to be discovered are Second World War relics that dot the seabed and red snappers that gather to spawn in their thousands with every full moon.

The cold, nutrient rich waters of this region result in striking underwater activity. Our wildlife experts can lead you to vibrant coral gardens and underwater caves for glimpses of Palau’s residents, from the sea-grass grazing dugong to the rare black manta ray.

With a helicopter on board your private yacht, Palau’s unique topography can be revealed from a bird’s eye view. Between these limestone karsts and white sand beaches are a network of lagoons and tunnels to discover alongside the nation’s leading nature experts.

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