A maze of waterways

Norway hasn’t changed a great deal since its genesis. Prehistoric glaciers and towering mountain ranges make up a land spoilt with natural beauty. Its fjord cut coastline is among the longest in the world, with countless peninsulas and tens of thousands of islands dotted along the country’s west coast.

Together we can choose where to anchor – by remote fishing villages or near uninhabited islands for a night of camping in the wilderness. Only 10 percent of Norway’s fjords are regularly visited by ships, the others present an untapped potential for adventure.

In the south, you can find a maze of waterways deep in the mountains near Bergen and Flam. While within the Arctic Circle, find cultural hubs in Tromsø and the Lofoten islands. It is here that can meet the Sámi people and learn about the oldest community of the region, with known ancestors dating back to the Stone Age.

Beneath the water’s surface, Norway is ripe for exploration. This is a graveyard for various 1940’s German and British destroyers and a playground for orca and humpback whales. Our expert guides can snorkel and dive with you, or pilot a submersible, and lead the search for the water’s giants.

Fishing was the very basis of existence in this region for many years and it still plays a part in the everyday life of Norwegians. Our guides will show you to waters teeming with Atlantic salmon and sea trout for long summer days spent fishing.

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