Geysers and glaciers

Sitting at the edge of the Arctic Circle and on top of one of the world’s most volcanically active hot spots, Iceland is a land of ice and fire. It’s home to hundreds of volcanoes that burst periodically into life, heating the waters of geothermal spas and creating landscapes of twisting lava and rainbow-coloured mineral sands.

With an elegant yacht as your base, exploring Iceland’s rugged coastline can be done without a soul in sight. We will lead you deep into its interior by helicopter, buggy or 4x4 while on the search for geysers, glaciers and waterfalls of mammoth proportions.

Our marine experts can lead you to pods of whales in one of the most reliable destinations to spot them in Northern Europe. Blue, minke, fin, sperm, orca and humpback whales roam in great numbers in these remote and seldom-sailed waters.

The winter months present the possibility to view the glorious Northern Lights. From stylish lodgings out at sea, you can search the night sky for this extraordinary light show, and in the morning, fly a helicopter to view the island’s black sand beaches from above.

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