Baja California

Mexico’s untamed peninsula

Such is the abundance of marine life in the Sea of Cortez that it was once described by Jacques Cousteau as the ‘world’s aquarium’. Along the shores of Baja California in northwestern Mexico, you can go in search of whale sharks, pods of spinner dolphins and harbor seals with our experts and marvel at this underwater wonder as Cousteau once did.

Close wildlife encounters are guaranteed. Our marine biologists can navigate Baja’s waters for a chance to see breaching humpbacks, enormous blue whales – the world’s largest mammal – and gatherings of friendly grey whales, who might raise their chin up to your boat to be stroked.

At Cabo Pulmo National Park, divers can find schooling hammerhead, silky and bull sharks and take part in shark conservation projects at the only living reef on the western coastline of North America. Snorkel in search of octopuses and sea turtles or sail to Los Islotes to swim alongside sea lions who beckon visitors to come and play.

Contrasting with the crystal blue sea, the Baja Peninsula presents an untamed and almost mystical landscape with a largely desert terrain that can be explored on custom-built dune buggies. We can also introduce you to local ranchers who will lead you to creeks and canyons while riding horse-back through the wilderness.

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