Antarctic Peninsula

A city of icebergs

Antarctica and its islands remain largely unexplored. This city of icebergs is the highest, driest and windiest continent on Earth. At a time when this icy region is feeling the heat of the world’s spotlight, it’s important to explore responsibly and with experts in the field.

An expedition yacht with helicopter and submersible on board offers the best vantage point to view this extraordinary environment. This cold, white desert is wonderfully unpredictable, both in terms of weather and landscapes, so when we say it will be an adventure, we mean it. Every day aboard a yacht is crafted by our polar experts based on the ever-changing elements and the concentrations of wildlife that is governed by them.

With Cookson’s history of exploring Antarctica, we can afford to make plans in the spur of a moment. If choppy sea means we can’t sail through a narrow channel, we may decide to take a helicopter to a nearby base where scientists haven’t laid eyes on another human being for several months. We’ve found them happy to spend an evening sharing their home-made vodka and telling tales of the Antarctic.

Beneath the water’s surface, this is a playground for whales. The summer months bring algae blooms, krill-rich waters and mammals that travel long distances to feed on them. Orcas arrive to patrol the coastline for unsuspecting seals and humpbacks to slam their tail flukes against the water. Voyaging south, our experts can show you to islands where penguins take reign. Here colonies of chinstraps, gentoos and Adélies number in their hundreds and thousands.

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