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The Final Frontier: Travel to the edge of space from 2024


We can take you to experience space in the safest, most exclusive and sustainable way possible, having partnered with Space Perspective – the world’s first company to specialise in luxury spaceflight.

After all, we’re always searching for new, out-of-this-world experiences.

Take your place in space history


Travelling in an eight-seater pressurised and climate-controlled capsule – Spaceship Neptune – you’ll safely ascend to the edge of space at a gentle 12mph. Here, you’ll be one of the few to witness world-defining views of the Earth’s curvature and great expanse, with the dark vastness of space above.

With its modular setup, we can tailor the experience to your preferences. That could be inviting a world-leading specialist on board or customising everything from the dinner menu and cocktails to the soundtrack and interactive lighting. If reserved for exclusive use, it’s particularly ideal for a special celebratory dinner party, a wedding or an unforgettable family adventure.

It’s all propelled by a high-performance SpaceBalloon™. With nearly zero emissions and no rocket fuel or high G forces, this is the same technology that’s been used for decades by NASA and other government agencies to lift research telescopes and other heavy, sensitive instruments.

This ultra-comfortable, six-hour round trip will be as accessible as boarding a plane and available post-launch in 2024.

Capsule at edge of atmosphere


Ascending to the edge


The experience will begin at the Kennedy Space Centre, where you’ll meet the team, enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to this iconic facility and be introduced to Spaceship Neptune. When fully inflated, it’s large enough to comfortably house the Statue of Liberty.

Rather than blasting off, the capsule rises slowly and smoothly, giving you time to take in the sights during your ascent – brought to life by your pilot and any expert guides brought aboard.

Neptune’s ascent peaks above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere at the edge of space. You’ll have two hours at this apogee to leisurely view the curve of the Earth, the total blackness of space, and the thin blue line of our atmosphere.

After the sun has risen, Neptune will begin its slow descent, leading to a gentle ocean splashdown. The capsule is lifted out of the sea and placed on the ship’s deck, where explorers will disembark and celebrate their return, while en-route back to the launch site for debriefing.

Space capsule interior

The world’s only carbon-neutral spaceship

  • An elegantly smooth, spherical vessel, designed as the ultimate space lounge and offering plenty of headroom as explorers move around the capsule.
  • Nine reclining, luxurious seats, for eight Space Explorers and a pilot.
  • A stylish bar with your choice of drinks as well as sensors and screens offering in-depth scientific data about your flight.
  • 360-degree panoramic windows, the largest flown to space, to enable astonishing visibility of up to 450 miles in each direction.
  • Dark and tactile materials throughout the interior to reduce glare and reflection.
  • High speed Wi-Fi connection, with communications devices to enable live streaming.
  • Storage for scientific instruments supporting research projects.
  • Cookson Adventures will fully tailor the experience to your specific requirements and ensure it is incorporated into a wider journey.

All images courtesy of Space Perspective

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