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At Cookson Adventures, we like to explore away from the crowds: the same goes for our skiing. Refresh your annual getaway by skinning up to a remote peak or flying by helicopter to an unexplored summit, ready to ski down virgin slopes.

Whether it’s Baffin Island—home to more polar bears than humans—or fresh tracks in Antarctica that lead you straight to your expedition yacht, we can take you further than others have ever been before.

It’s time for new challenges and new views.

On Greenland’s unconquered peaks or the perfectly coned volcanoes of the Kuril Islands, stop mid-run and start après celebrations at any point. After all, it is your run.

Raise a glass of champagne while overlooking a carpet of clouds, knowing that you’re sharing the mountain with friends and no-one else.

There’s never been a better time than now to switch things up.

First descents in Greenland


Greenland - Northern Lights

March – April

This is your chance to summit and ski peaks never touched before by humankind. And, like the wilderness base camp you’ll stay in, every aspect of the adventure will be tailored to your exact tastes, from pre-expedition training with expert mountaineers to the type of meals served by your private chef. For the more adventurous, spend a night as a polar explorer, staying in a mountain camp away from base.

It all begins with a private flight to Greenland’s eastern remotes, where you’ll be met by a team of Inuit mushers. So that you don’t miss a privileged sighting, keep your eyes open for polar bears, Arctic wolves and, of course, the Northern Lights.



Rare ski in the Kuril Islands


Kuril Islands volcano


Not many have heard of the Kuril Islands, and even fewer have been. This extraordinary 1,300 kilometre chain of volcanic islands stretches down from the Kamchatka peninsula through the Sea of Okhotsk to Hokkaido in Japan. Thanks to its geographical position on the Ring of Fire, the landscapes are pure fantasy.

Sailing onboard one of the world’s finest yachts will bring a slice of unbridled indulgence to the one of its furthest reaches. Sail from Kamchatka’s coastal city of Petropavlovsk to explore the archipelago’s snow-covered calderas, icy lakes and volcanic cones. Each day you can ski a fresh peak or range and make use of the yacht’s helicopter or range of water toys.


From summit to sea in Iceland


Heliskiing in Iceland

March – April

In among Iceland’s geological wonders, our expert pilots will drop you atop unique, remote lines, before picking you up by the water’s edge of the country’s wild Atlantic coastline. There’s also plenty of time to explore further, perhaps flying over or climbing active volcanoes in the company of a volcanologist, trying your hand at Arctic surfing and searching for whales with marine biologists. Then, at day’s end, return to your private lodge for exclusive views of March’s Northern Lights.

Then, if you’re after some extra adventure, trek or take an Arctic-standard 4WD across the country’s monolithic glaciers.


Antarctica: ski the seventh continent

Skiing in Antarctica

October – December

Skiing in the Antarctic is not just about the spectacular scenery and the unique lines. It’s the chance to really engage and explore what is one of the Earth’s last frontiers, enjoying slopes only accessed via skinning before returning to the plush environs of your expedition yacht.

As ever, it will be customised to your exact specifications, whether you want to spend extra time focused on the continent’s wildlife or create your very own ski movie.


Patagonia: private ski retreat

Skiing in Patagonia

October – November

This seven bedroom exclusive-use lodge takes heli-skiing in the Southern Hemisphere to the next level, with expansive areas still yet to be explored.The Andes Mountains provide incredible ski terrain and dramatic backdrops from every angle, from wide-open glaciers, to imposing peaks and steep alpine chutes.


Explore British Columbia by luxury catamaran

Skiing in British Columbia by catamaran


With deep powder, a stable coastal ski pack and huge terrain, this is one of the best-established and most dependable heli-skiing operations the world over. You’ll travel by luxury catamaran to make the most of new lines, weather windows and an ultra-scenic fjord network, that’s only a short flight hop from nearby Vancouver. With the flexibility to change mooring each day, you will get to explore along this stunning coastline. From summit to sea descents (some of the longest in North America) to sparse, deep glade runs, enormous glaciers and steep, jagged couloirs, this is the the playground for the heli-skier who has seen it all.

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