New heights in Nepal

No longer out of reach

Mount Everest is considered by many to be the greatest conquest for an adventurer, yet the surrounding Himalayas are rarely seen as a destination for like-minded families. Step beyond the chaotic noise of Nepal’s streets, abuzz with hurried drivers and the daily chatter of market-goers, for a silence in the mountains that’s just as dramatic.

Nepal stretches into the tallest peaks in the world, and they’re no longer reserved for athletes only. Whether it’s dining with Sherpas on the original trail to Everest, soaring over Base Camp in a helicopter or toasting sundowners in the family-run lodge that Sir Edmund Hillary regularly visited, you can take adventure at your own pace.

Explore Junbesi: the first Sherpa village of Nepal – It was founded by Eastern Tibetans seeking refuge from their country in the 1600’s. In Buddhist texts, Junbesi is known as the ‘Moon Valley’ because it’s where the moon was to said to have kissed the earth in adoration of its beauty.

Challenge yourself to hike to a private camp that sits 3,200-metres high in the Himalayas – Once you’ve arrived, you will be welcomed with warmth to this Mongolian Yurt camp. Look out to the mountain peaks for one of the planet’s most incredible sunset views. Rise early in the morning to watch the sun slowly rise all over again

Fly over the legendary Everest Base Camp in a helicopter – Land across the valley at Kala Patthar, which sits 5,640-metres high, to experience a sight very few in this world will be fortunate enough to see.

Mountain bike from nearly 4,000-metres high down along quiet yak herder trails that have rarely (if ever) been cycled before – Moving past the snow-tipped Himalayas to deep, wooded valleys, we can arrange for a professional mountain bike photographer to accompany you and ensure these moments are captured.

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