East Svalbard: new remote expedition camp

Explore into the remote wilderness of east Svalbard from an epic new glacier camp

  From March to May 2023, a new expedition camp will open up the pristine landscapes and rare wildlife of east Svalbard like never before.

Our team will create a personalised adventure of arctic experiences from this off-grid outpost, which is designed for exclusive groups of up to six guests.

The camp’s unrivalled location means you can venture deep into Svalbard’s untouched wilderness to experience incredible adventures, ranging from paragliding and backcountry skiing to remote dining set ups and seeing polar bears on the move.

A glacier adventure camp on top of the world

This innovative expedition camp has been designed by Arctic experts to withstand the extreme conditions, while also providing a comfortable and warm base from which to explore in style from.

The camp has a central socialising area to relax in during the day and separate sleeping quarters for night, complete with heated showers and toilets. For quiet moments, a curated library covers topics ranging from climate change to polar exploration history. The camp’s private chef serves a tailored menu of delicious Nordic dishes, using local ingredients from Svalbard and the arctic region such as bearded seal, reindeer and ptarmigan.

The secluded camp is a scenic 4hour snowmobile ride over glaciers and past frozen fjords from Longyearbyen, with the final location offering up unparalleled panoramic views over endless mountains.

Managed by an expert team of expedition guides, they all have extensive experience of the region.

Awe-inspiring Arctic experiences

Our exclusive network of wildlife experts and regional contacts guarantee both unparalleled access and maximum safety. Daily adventures from the camp will give you a true sense of the sheer scale of the surrounding wilderness, while also giving a unique insight into the challenges of preserving such a fragile ecosystem first hand.

This destination can also be a thrilling family adventure for children aged 8 years and over. A heated ‘sluffe’ sled will keep children warm during the transfers by snowmobile. Children will love building igloos, making ice cream and playing games around the camp with the guides, while parents explore further afield.

Imagery credit: Florain Ledoux

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