A desire to give something back

Leaving a lasting legacy

Not only are all our trips carbon neutral, but we’ve supported tribal communities, rehomed giant tortoises by helicopter and even discovered a new species.

Partnering with the likes of anthropologists and marine biologists grants our clients unique access to areas that are otherwise off-limits, getting them directly involved with the causes closest to their hearts.

Join those you have helped Cookson Adventures contribute in excess of £1m to conservation efforts.

Carbon neutral

As of January 2020, each and every one of our trips is now fully carbon offset. And, as with everything we do, all of our offsetting projects are entirely tailored to its destination, whether that’s replanting trees in deforested jungle or developing clean energy in remote regions.



Whether discovering a new species of killer whale or tagging manta rays to reveal migratory patterns, our clients and research have formed the first step of conservation. What’s more, travelling with leading scientists opens up inaccessible locations. For example, rehoming giant tortoises by helicopter allowed us to fly over the Galápagos – something otherwise off-limits.


From Kenyan tribes to Colombian cowboys, our trips conscientiously support and involve local communities throughout. Combining insider local knowledge with everyone from marine biologists to volcanologists, we get the very best out of a destination while maintaining full sensitivity to local cultures, especially those with limited contact with outsiders.


The planet

Along with our carbon-neutral commitment, we’re at the forefront of conservation itself, discovering coral species by submersible thought to be extinct and even offering the chance to be on the first private vessel to be part of Seabed 2030 – the project to map the entire ocean floor by the end of the decade.

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