A desire to give something back

Leaving a lasting legacy

Our adventures are driven by our love for this remarkable planet and the wonders to be found in its remotest corners. Conservation is our founder's passion and is rooted deep in the DNA of our company and staff.

We also understand the responsibility that comes with the experiences we create in such far-flung places.With a desire to protect and nurture our planet, we aim to leave each destination we explore better than—or at least as perfect as—we found it. Conservation is key if these fragile environments and unique cultures are to continue thriving.

Specialist scientists, researchers and conservationists lead the way in the dedicated work needed to ensure rare species and isolated communities can survive, and our long established relationships with numerous teams of experts in the field allow us to design adventures that connect our clients with this groundbreaking work.

Discovering a new species of orca. As part of our guest’s adventure to the Antarctic Peninsula, we were able to organise and support research into an incredibly rare – and likely new species – of killer whale.

Rehoming 250 juvenile tortoises in the Galápagos Islands. We organised for our client to support a project that reintroduced tortoises into locations they have been absent from for over 200 years.

White rhino on a protected conservancy.

Rehabilitating rhinos in Kenya. Inspired by their adventure across East Africa, our clients funded rhino conservation in one of Kenya’s most important conservancies.

Building community huts deep in the forests of Papua New Guinea. When a seldom-seen tribe welcomed us into their village, we showed our appreciation by building a much-needed community hut.

Tagging sharks in the Pacific Ocean. As part of a remarkable dive trip, our client supported shark research off the coast of Mexico by tagging and counting numerous species alongside scientists.

An opportunity to contribute

Elevate your next adventure by making conservation central to your incredible itinerary.

Follow a tradition of philanthropists and explorers to work alongside world-renowned experts, local charities and handpicked organisations focused on saving the planet’s most at-risk species, communities and ecosystems.

With Cookson as a catalyst, forge new relationships with incredible people and exciting programmes, with exclusive experiences supporting the likes of Flora and Fauna International, Pacific Wild and the Galapagos National Park. Through an individually tailored adventure, join those who have helped Cookson Adventures contribute several million pounds to some extremely rewarding and life-affirming causes.

Minimising our footprint

Cookson Adventures offer the option of carbon offsetting your entire trip through an accredited scheme that supports the generation of renewable energy around the world, the health and well-being for low income communities, and the restoration and protection of global diversity.

Our chosen charity

We support a handpicked charity each year by donating a percentage of our profits to a cause we are passionate about. For 2019, we have chosen Plastic Free Oceans for their engaging initiatives to reduce plastic in the ocean and support of Pacific island schools in harnessing renewable energy.

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