Voyage planning & permitting

Meticulous in our approach

At Cookson, we’ve mastered the art of using yachts as a launchpad for adventure. From shark tagging with scientists aboard a research vessel to navigating superyachts around the Antarctic Peninsula, each voyage requires extensive planning and begins when we first speak to you.

Together we will choose the perfect yacht for your chosen destination. Over the years, we have worked with many of the world’s leading expedition and superyachts—often in conjunction with support vessels—and know which models are best suited to which waters.

Soon our team will become a part of your yacht’s crew. We recce every location and meet with all on-site personnel to ensure we’ve acquired the necessary permits and that your expectations will be exceeded. Wherever in the world, our specialists are incredibly skilled at investigating the destination, local experts and authorities so that we can create incredibly unique itineraries.

Our history speaks for itself

We’re always pushing the boundaries of adventure and have engaged with local authorities to gain access to some of the least visited locations on Earth. A past yacht expedition in the Galápagos Islands required us to have multiple meetings with the national park so that we could fly 250 juvenile giant tortoises via helicopter to a volcano that’s usually closed to the public. This unprecedented access meant we were able carry out one of the biggest conservation projects the islands had ever seen.

We often recommend carrying a helicopter or submersible on board, which means you can explore the world even further. This might mean we need to modify your chosen yacht—such as building a crane onto its deck—but we welcome a challenge.

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