Across the globe, our experts have piloted various types of submersibles to different depths.

More than 80 per cent of our ocean is unexplored and unmapped, and today’s technology gives Cookson access to its deepest depths in safety, comfort and ease. We lead the way in private submersible exploration. Across the globe, our experts have piloted various types of submersibles to different depths. This experience allows us to research new destinations, design detailed itineraries and adhere to the highest safety standards. We can launch and retrieve the vessel from your chosen yacht and ensure your experience is streamlined.

Today’s vessels are not just custom-designed and individually engineered, they are revolutionising the way people dive. Superlative levels of safety and new levels of comfort deliver an uncompromising experience. In the most extraordinary continent on the planet, you might take the controls yourself through Antarctic’s deep blue waters and plunge a submersible off the coast of Marguerite Bay, searching for the exquisite marine life that lies below.

Including a submersible in your itinerary adds a very special element to any adventure. Spot the rarest of marine life in its natural habitat and experience a visual feast usually only afforded to the world’s leading naturalists and filmmakers.

At the edge of discovery

Very few people in this world have explored in a submersible, which means the opportunity of seeing something no human ever has is very real. A previous submersible adventure in southern Italy led to the discovery of a Roman shipwreck and a coral reef, which even shocked the experts on board that had studied the region for years.

Wildlife viewing

From watching leopard seals swirling in front of Antarctic ice floes to schooling bull sharks in the Caribbean, submersibles are the ultimate marine life viewing platform. You do not need to be a diver or even know how to swim to explore the planet beneath its surface, all that’s required is a sense of adventure.

Experts on board

Even we need a little help identifying the rare wildlife or archaeological structures that are in front of us, which is why we make sure we have the appropriate expert on board to bring all of your findings to life. Who knows what you might find in uncharted territories?

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