The Friendly Islands

Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the far-reaching archipelago of Tonga is home to some of the planet’s youngest islands. Raised by underwater coral or formed from volcanic activity, this collection of islands is scattered for hundreds of miles across the Pacific Ocean.

Since Captain Cook arrived in 1773 and named Tonga the ‘Friendly Islands’, this unspoiled paradise has remained as welcoming as ever and its inhabitants will greet visitors with a hearty hello or ‘malo e leilei’.

It’s here that humpback whales end one of the largest and longest animal migrations in the world. When winter descends on the Antarctica, they arrive in Tonga to mate and birth in its warm waters for a few months of every year.

Our researchers take care to approach these wild creatures carefully, so instead of fleeting glimpses of these majestic creatures, you can expect meaningful encounters just a short distance away from the comfort of your yacht.

At sea, you can explore the islands’ craggy coastline and travel to Government-protected marine reserves and island parks for pristine environments perfect for deep diving. Spy vibrant gorgonian fans and marine life such as pufferfish, sharks, mahi mahi and manta rays amongst coral reefs and in deep lagoons.

From the deck of your vessel, you can enjoy uninterrupted, far-reaching views over the ocean and indulge in an array of water-based activities provided by onboard kit. Dock to venture inland and explore Tonga’s hidden caves with our experts, and after, as evening comes, indulge in freshly caught seafood as the sun dips towards the horizon.

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