Emerging from the ocean

Fiji’s secluded, palm-fringed beaches and tropical waters are scattered for thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean. Aboard a yacht, you can enjoy control over where to sail to amongst its 330 islands, navigating between vibrant marinas and lesser-known islets to find an escape fit for Robinson Crusoe.

Our experts will guide you to the best dive and snorkel sites using their unrivalled knowledge of Fiji. You can meander amongst a rainbow of soft corals to spy reef fish, turtles and sharks, or sea kayak from mangroves to warm lagoons, making the most of your yacht’s advanced kit.

With style and comfort at the heart of the adventure, we can cruise at leisure and enjoy elegantly appointed suites, fine dining from a private chef and expansive decks before landing and anchoring by a white sand beach.

In each chain of islands, you can meet Fiji’s warm and welcoming people and find unique cultures distinct to each group. Experience the true culture of Kadavu, trek through the jungles of Taveuni, or find your own uninhabited island in the Lau Group and sink into blissful solitude.

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