Where few have sailed

Navigating through Svalbard’s frozen fjords can take meticulous planning, an ice-classed yacht and some natural curiosity. But when achieved, the result is an unforgettable adventure in Europe’s purest landscape.

Walruses, whales, seals and reindeer. Your captain will sail you far from civilisation for frequent sightings of the Arctic’s most iconic mammals. From chains of islands where polar bears outnumber humans to twisting fjords filled with pods of orca and humpback whales, here wildlife abounds.

Sailing on an explorer yacht can ensure comfort rarely found in one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas. In the warmer months you can gain access to areas typically frozen over in the winter, allowing you to cruise with unmatched style around the islands.

To take your adventure to the next level, helicopters, submersibles and snowmobiles on board will offer a side to Svalbard very few people in this world have seen.

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