The frozen North

As the world’s largest island, Greenland was built to gargantuan proportions. This is a land of extremes, and one – where land transportation is extremely limited, hard going, or simply non-existent – best explored by sea.

In this true Arctic wilderness, our polar guides can search with you responsibly for polar bears, lumbering muskoxen, narwhals, bowhead whales, belugas, walruses, sea eagles and reindeer – and find isolated Inuit fishing villages in its fringes, where inhabitants will welcome you warmly.

With a superyacht as your base, let your imagination lead you on waterways that provide the best opportunity to see all this country has to offer – ice diving, heliskiing, fly-fishing and kayaking amid icebergs. Our pilots will fly you inland to explore the ice sheet from above and get a sense of its awe-inspiring magnitude.

The seas contain colossal icebergs, so your chosen vessel will need to be ice-classed and capable of handling the testing conditions. Offering the comforts of home these yachts will also allow you to sail effortlessly around countless fjords and glaciers. At certain times of year, you can also watch the northern lights dancing overhead, or land ashore in summer to camp under the midnight sun.

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