North America’s wildest seascape

In the northernmost extremity of North America, Alaska’s sheer size and medley of landscapes are enough to arouse an instinct to explore. Here glacial ice caps are bigger than some US states and national parks are the size of small nations. And with more ocean coastline than all of the other US states combined, the ultimate adventure in Alaska is truly by yacht.

Between the far, frozen north and the temperate rainforests of the south, Alaska holds some of the biggest mountains in North America. Adding a helicopter to your voyage means our pilots can fly you over these mighty ranges and dense forestation. Without a set schedule, we can adapt to the changing weather and wildlife conditions to ensure your time here is savoured.

In a land bursting with spectacular sights, the summer’s salmon run provides another. Numbering in their millions, the salmon not only offers a feast for our senses, with their bright red scales and hooked jaws, but also plentiful food for bald eagles and some of the planet’s largest gatherings of brown bears. These majestic mammals snatch salmon from raging torrents and teach their cubs how to fish. Meet our local guides and you can track, watch and interpret the behaviour of the bears as they patrol the forest estuaries.

Once hunted to the brink of extinction, the humpback whales in Alaska now thrive. Our marine experts can lead you in kayaks to pods as they feast in the krill-rich waters, slamming their pectoral fins down with force to stun any helpless prey. Pods of orcas, too, arrive to feast on the annual glut of salmon.

You can dine on freshly caught king crab from Kodiak Island and sail to the neighbouring Aleutian Islands, home to the native Aleuts and a profusion of undisturbed wildlife. Here you can spy sea lions, humpback whales and sea otters in the waters or track Arctic blue foxes as they prowl the land while puffins, auklets, murres and fulmars fly overhead.

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