Unknown reaches of the Seychelles

Aldabra is as magical as it sounds. The world’s largest raised coral reef is flung out in the Seychelles’ far western remotes, virtually unchanged for thousands of years. With Cookson's explorers at your side, you can search for rare dugongs, schooling mantas and blacktip reef sharks in numbers you don’t see anywhere else.

Its white sands, forested interior and crystal-clear waters are home to everything from prehistoric flightless birds that are otherwise extinct to giant coconut crabs, coral “mushrooms” and 150,000 roaming giant tortoises.

Given that Aldabra is essentially a giant, coral-tipped volcano submerged in the Indian Ocean, there’s so much to discover beneath its surface. With our exclusive access to a local research station and National Geographic documentarians, we’ll be able to bring you to its otherwise-off-limits regions by creating an adventure infused with conservation. Aldabra has never been explored by submersible, so there’s genuine potential for you to make world-first discoveries. As you move past everything from hammerhead sharks to schooling mantas, your submersible’s crystal-clear acrylic viewing sphere will seem to meld with the waters outside, bringing you up-close to deep-sea flora and dramatic formations. Our biologists will be at your side to bring all findings to life, while also recording valuable research into the seldom-seen region.

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