The southern tip of the Americas

Adventure is inescapable in Patagonia. Encompassing the southern tips of Chile and Argentina, this land of extremes has few equals in the world. Here the towering Andes plunge to where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans converge. It can take time to cross its vast and treacherous terrain on land, so we like to explore Patagonia by yacht.

With a store of sea kayaks, stand up paddle boards and diving equipment on board, this region is yours to discover. We can launch tenders from a private vessel to explore icebergs and glaciers that carve into blue lagoons and hang over steep rocky cliffs. Our experience here includes multi-fleet expeditions, so we are able to share an in-depth knowledge of a land yet to be unlocked by most.

With over 4,000 kilometres of coastline, the fjords of Patagonia are an excellent destination to find orcas, humpbacks, southern right and blue whales where they cruise the waters alongside you. If you were to lower a microphone into these waters, you might hear their melodic songs echoing beneath. Our experts will decipher their calls and tell you more about their unique migratory patterns.

Inland, Mother Nature is beautiful but unforgiving. The energetic and changeable weather can deliver four seasons in one day. Come what may, Patagonia’s Gaucho cowboys ride across the plains in search of wild horses with an unwavering sense of respect for the land they inhabit. Few others call these rural areas home, so their cattle ranches break the silence of the sweeping wilderness.

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